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Ashley Nichols is a technology consulting executive who has worked with leaders from the White House to Wall Street and beyond. Prior to becoming a consultant, she worked in government, higher education, non-profits, and communications.

Ashley’s career has been a winding journey, and at each step of the way she has encountered students and colleagues who are passionate about causes facing our world. While she began writing Tech to Save the World to learn more about technology tools, she quickly shifted focus to help passionate people harness tech to support the causes they care most about. She hopes that the book can be a step-by-step resource for everyone who wants to make a difference, especially those who are uncomfortable with technology!

When she’s not working and writing, Ashley enjoys reading, traveling, playing Dungeons and Dragons, scuba diving, and being out and about. One of her favorite things to do in a new city is grab a coffee, take a long walk, and people watch. She lives with her very old and very grumpy calico cat Keisha and her boyfriend Matt. A night owl, Ashley gets most of her writing done in the dark of night (and always right before the deadline).

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